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Your, and other marketplace channel phone Numbers should be WhatsApp Enabled is an online classified website in Nigeria. It allows merchants and businesses list their physical products and services for sale. It also allows individuals to list  cars for sale and corporate organizations to list vacant positions, for job seekers to find during search (on that category).
The platform allows businesses to list their goods based on Local Government Areas as well as major locations under a particular local government within Nigeria.
When buyers search for items they need, using the search box, they will find exact items or items similar to them based on the search algorithm. The full details of each product can then be viewed. During this process the prospective buyer can view the phone Number of the merchant or business that uploaded this particular product.
As a merchant using the platform ,this will help increase sales conversion from the people that view your product via a search. You can view  store on the Jiji platform
Ensure that the phone number that gets displayed when they view your contact details is WhatsApp enabled phone Number. This allows the prospective buyer to quickly know you are also available on WhatsApp and have a direct conversation with your brand as fast as possible. This saves cost and increases your conversion rate. As we know that the number of WhatsApp users in Nigeria is increasing and many find it as an easy and fast way off communication. They also use the App to save some costs. Try this Today! Take Action! It Works

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