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Opportunities that Nigerians can take during and after COVID-19 and lockdown

As students are on break due to lockdown,many will resume to write few exam subjects ,that they have not done . But they will most likely be resuming for third term, almost immediately. You can position your business to take care of their needs. They will need bags,shoes, some stationaries that need replacement. Try to make them affordable,now start looking for stock suppliers and marketing strategy.

COVID-19 HR and Job Recruitment Platform

There are people that will lose their jobs during this period due to COVID-19 economic fallouts and lockdowns. There is an ongoing need for effective HR related strategies to keep companies alive. There will also be need for job platforms that will focus on only people that lose their jobs during this period and companies that plan to recruit majorly because of the effects of this pandemic. Start that HR plan now or float the web or offline recruitment platform.

PPE Manufacturing and Recycling Companies

Personal Protective Equipments are some of the items that are currently being used in the battle against the COVID-19 virus. These PPE will generate a large amount of waste after use. There is a need to have companies that can recycle this waste, not just the manufacturing of the PPE. It will also be nice ,if these companies can recycle the plastic bottle used for hand sanitisers. It’s a great space if you have the recycling expertise. Start taking action on this now.

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