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Make money from your PDF Ebooks even if it is shared illegally by readers – Growth Hacking in Nigeria

Pdf monetisation
1. Sample PDF chapters: If you give chapters 1 and 2 of your ebooks free to your readers,try to give a link to your website for full ebook purchase
2. Divide the book into 4 and ensure that adverts appear on those full pages like magazines,within it. On those full pages sell your physical products or service products.
3. Make sure your website address appear on some or all of the pages in the book as headers or footers. Let your web address be short,if you will do this. Let your website advertise Google ads or your own goods or services.
4. Create a gift ebook(separate from the main ebook) that you can tell your current readers to come download on your website. This will increase clicks to your site and you can monetise the eyeballs
5. Consult on the topic(s) you have written about. You are perceived to be an expert on that topic. Model products around the topic, and offer them at a price.
6. Break the topics into blog posts and upload them periodically on your blog website. You need to do normal publicity for people to know about this in the early days.
7. Let a company sponsor your ebook. If a company drops full cash for your book. Even though people start sharing the pdf for free it’s more publicity for both of you.

8. Ensure you get more followers on social media as you grow your brand. This can be monetised later as you gradually become and influencers in that space.

9. Setup an Email Newsletter subscription that can be used to quickly spread the word on your new projects. And it can be used to engage your fans continuously. This can be monetised too.