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Frontstack Media on the web Conference

Media on the web has advanced a lot over the years. The capabilities for complex media on the web have increased, as well as our tools as developers for handling them. In this conference, they’ll cover everything to do with media on the web! From performance, to accessibility, to formats, and everything in betweeen.

Event Date: Saturday 25th January 2020 (10am – 5pm) 

Apply with the link below

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EchoVC Office Hours in Lagos

The EchoVC team will be hosting its 2nd Office Hours this year and is throwing an open invitation to anyone who wants to have a chat with the team. The entire EchoVC team will be in Lagos, so feel free to come by during your lunch hours to ask us questions you always wanted to but did not have the opportunity. The Office hours are open to entrepreneurs, angel investors, corporate organizations, consulting firms, etc.

Please bear in mind that EchoVC Partners is a seed and early stage venture capital firm and we invest only in African and Africa-focused tech and tech-enabled startups.

If you are outside Lagos, we just might be coming to your city sometime soon. 😉

register here

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