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Make money from your PDF Ebooks even if it is shared illegally by readers – Growth Hacking in Nigeria

Pdf monetisation
1. Sample PDF chapters: If you give chapters 1 and 2 of your ebooks free to your readers,try to give a link to your website for full ebook purchase
2. Divide the book into 4 and ensure that adverts appear on those full pages like magazines,within it. On those full pages sell your physical products or service products.
3. Make sure your website address appear on some or all of the pages in the book as headers or footers. Let your web address be short,if you will do this. Let your website advertise Google ads or your own goods or services.
4. Create a gift ebook(separate from the main ebook) that you can tell your current readers to come download on your website. This will increase clicks to your site and you can monetise the eyeballs
5. Consult on the topic(s) you have written about. You are perceived to be an expert on that topic. Model products around the topic, and offer them at a price.
6. Break the topics into blog posts and upload them periodically on your blog website. You need to do normal publicity for people to know about this in the early days.
7. Let a company sponsor your ebook. If a company drops full cash for your book. Even though people start sharing the pdf for free it’s more publicity for both of you.

8. Ensure you get more followers on social media as you grow your brand. This can be monetised later as you gradually become and influencers in that space.

9. Setup an Email Newsletter subscription that can be used to quickly spread the word on your new projects. And it can be used to engage your fans continuously. This can be monetised too.


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Important Websites related to AfCFTA


Sokokuu is an eCommerce mall with various vendors selling Made in Africa products on it. Products include goods, services and digital contents.

Website :

ATCG Community

This is a community setup to Mobilise grassroots actions in the tech and creative industry to make AfCFTA work for Africans.


Non-Tariff Barrier Portal

This portal helps traders and businesses moving goods across the continent to instantly report the challenges they encounter, such as quotas, excessive import documents or unjustified packaging requirements.


AfCFTA Visions

This is a website setup by AfCFTA Secretariat, the Sankoree Institute of AfroChampions, and the AU Open Corridors. It is used to invite entrepreneurs and innovators to apply to the AfCFTA Vision Challenge and contribute their own idea of various sectors within AfCFTA


African Trade Observatory (ATO)

This is the portal where you can compare, explore and monitor African Trade Data that you can use during AfCFTA.



This is the website where you Join the AfCFTA Business Registry for free by registering for a unique ID for yourself or your business.Explore the integrated Trade Directory for the whole continent and lots more.


You can join our whatsapp group here to receive more updates on AfCFTA

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How to use Divide and Conquer Strategy across inventory and sales channels to optimize revenue and profit in eCommerce

Making more revenue ,will ultimately lead to making profit and more of it as sales increases.There is always a need to optimize startegy that leads to more sales in an ecommerce business.Especially ecommerce brands that sell physical products.



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Opportunities that Nigerians can take during and after COVID-19 and lockdown

As students are on break due to lockdown,many will resume to write few exam subjects ,that they have not done . But they will most likely be resuming for third term, almost immediately. You can position your business to take care of their needs. They will need bags,shoes, some stationaries that need replacement. Try to make them affordable,now start looking for stock suppliers and marketing strategy.

COVID-19 HR and Job Recruitment Platform

There are people that will lose their jobs during this period due to COVID-19 economic fallouts and lockdowns. There is an ongoing need for effective HR related strategies to keep companies alive. There will also be need for job platforms that will focus on only people that lose their jobs during this period and companies that plan to recruit majorly because of the effects of this pandemic. Start that HR plan now or float the web or offline recruitment platform.

PPE Manufacturing and Recycling Companies

Personal Protective Equipments are some of the items that are currently being used in the battle against the COVID-19 virus. These PPE will generate a large amount of waste after use. There is a need to have companies that can recycle this waste, not just the manufacturing of the PPE. It will also be nice ,if these companies can recycle the plastic bottle used for hand sanitisers. It’s a great space if you have the recycling expertise. Start taking action on this now.

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Profitable Ordering of Personal and Business Items on Amazon and eBay in USA and UK Complete Process and Strategy

Profitable Ordering of Personal and Business Items on Amazon and eBay in USA and UK Complete Process and Strategy

Join now for the full RightSilicon University Course

Step by Step process of Ordering through Amazon and eBay in USA and UK

  1. Concept of Ecommerce and Ecommerce in Nigeria
  2. What to Buy on those Platforms(Amazon and eBay)
  3. Shipping and Logistics(Addresses and Contact Details),Rates and other requirements.(included in paid training)
  4. Cart Management
  5. Payment(included in paid training)
  6. Reselling, Self-Empowerment and Usage
  7. Optimisation Strategies(included in paid training)
  8. Simple Differences between Amazon and eBay
  9. Simple Differences Between Buying from USA and buying from UK.
  10. Simple Differences between shipping by AIR and by SEA(included in paid training)
  11. Monetisation of this skill that you have.(included in paid training)
  12. Pricing Model. If you plan to resell.


Concept of Ecommerce (Amazon and eBay)

Ecommerce Platforms (websites and apps) allow registered merchants to list products that meets the guidelines/policy of the platform. These products will be visible after approval by platform.

Amazon and eBay operate the MARKETPLACE MODEL . Where by many merchants sell various items to various buyers.

Ecommerce in Nigeria
Buying and selling online is growing daily in Nigeria. We have online marketplaces (Konga, Jumia, Jiji etc) and personal ecommerce websites in Nigeria. But all our needed items of today might not be found on those websites.Or they are found at a price we cannot afford. We can fill that gap by bring in some of those products, especially the ones that cannot be manufactured in Nigeria.

Amazon and eBay in USA and UK have some of the best quality of products in the world. They give you access to American and European standard of items. Many items on both Platforms are designed in USA and Europe,manufactured locally or in China/Hong Kong/Turkey etc

But the main advantage is the LEVEL OF QUALITY you will get. It’s high,when well researched.

Another good use of AMAZON and EBAY is to order samples(designs) that you can mass produce in Nigeria. Or modify and send to your Chinese manufacturers for mass production . Be sure that you are following intellectual property rules when doing this.

At we buy, sell and use the following types of items from Amazon and eBay.

Medical Items: Blood Pressure Monitors,Medical Diagnostic tools,scarce drugs.Medical protective equipments. But most especially ITEMS THAT CANNOT BE SOURCED IN NIGERIA

Books and other Educational Items: Because of knowledge in USA and UK. We buy world class books ,that we use personally and also sell some. We also help people buy books on Request

Other Commercially viable items: Laptops,phones,cables,solar lights,Automobile parts, workshop and manufacturing tools,baby products,toys, household items,cloths,shoes,bags, accessories etc

We believe at RightSilicon that we are product(goods and services) doctor. We use products to heal people’s pains. So it will be nice to listen to people online and offline,what product pains they have. You will be able to pick ideas on what to sell to them or what they are looking out for to buy online or offline. Keep a list and mine the data regularly.


Use the search textbox and button to search for any product you are interested in ,or researching.


Items purchased on Amazon and eBay can be resold in Nigeria or reshipped to another country ,that does have these items. The items can be sold via social media, regular NIGERIA marketplaces,personal websites or even offline in shops. But you have to be careful about liquidity and ensure that, what you are importing is unique enough,wanted and scarce. This is important because you don’t want to tie down your capital. You need to ensure your marketing strategy is solid enough to move your stock

One easy way of get low priced items on Amazon is to use the price filter after your search results is displayed, this enables you to see the results with low prices and use their ratings and specifications to determine their Quality.

Ensure you test the market first and see how people are responding to your products before you move more stock in. Also ensure that the Products will be needed once in 2 month,6 months or a year. This will help improve your ordering frequency and revenue

You can purchase tools that might be useful for your business or works. Like production books,education materials,machines,laptops, diagnostic equipments etc. This will empower you to run services locally within NIGERIA. It gives you access to quality ,wide variety of models and designs and reduced price . This is because you are doing the procurement yourself.

This is when you purchase just for the purpose of usage. This includes things like clothes, wristwatch,shoes,bags, kitchen equipments etc. You can also monetize this by helping people to do this procurement.

Please ask as much questions as possible before you purchase any product, especially the big ticket items. This is because it can be difficult to return an item from Nigeria to USA or UK , if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Take your time to research it well.


Cart Management helps you to group your orders in such a way ,that it’s profitable and optimised.Its always good to look for viable products and move them to cart immediately for purchase now or in future.

Cart Management on Amazon
Amazon allows you to move as many items as possible to cart,as you find them. But when you are ready to purchase some or all via checkout,your funded card and preferred address are the things you will select on the pages.

Before you proceed to checkout,if you don’t have money for some items in the cart, you will click Save for Later on each item you want to exclude. Then proceed to checkout with others. In future,just click Move to Cart to now pay for them.

Cart Management on eBay
Cart Management in eBay is not as robust or interesting as eBay. But one power in the eBay cart is the BUY NOW BUTTON they help you to quickly purchase that product alone. You can also move to cart and then select buy now later, but it’s not like the Amazon situation. At RightSilicon we prefer to keep links of special or interesting products on eBay as links in notepads or email message

Try to keep an item in cart once you see it. There is a possibility not to get that exact design or merchant offer later through by just searching strings in search box.


Amazon is more structured and consistent in design than eBay. They add new features and communicate it regularly. Their support is fantastic,you can ask any questions and you will get prompt feedback

You can contact that support directly from here now

Amazon has got more Quality items when compared to eBay. The Quality Assurance team at Amazon ensures that Quality products are listed and in a way that it enticing to buy the product. eBay has some affordable, but not attractively listed products . You have to dig in deeper to get value.

Bulk Orders
Amazon Business might not be open to Nigerians,but eBay promotes more bulk buying and it’s open to all. The more you buy on eBay too,the more you get discounts. Bulk buying on Amazon require that you do a thorough search for the product as bulk.

International Merchants Pool
They both have merchants that sell from many parts of the world and you can view the Quality ratings of the merchants. But Amazon merchants have the luxury to move items to Amazon warehouse,while eBay merchants have to ship almost all items from their personal warehouses around the world.This give Amazon orders edge in speed of Delivery

Tracking and cancellation of items is very easy on Amazon. You can cancel as long as the item has not being shipped or card charged. eBay charges your account immediately at purchase and money deducted. So tracking will usually start with 24 to 48 Hours. Both of them have good online tracking tools. They are always sent to your email and you can view on your dashboard.


Electronic Gadgets
Many electronic gadgets that need to be plugged into mains come with 110v rating. You will have to confirm through product specifications, that the item you are buying is 110v – 220v capable,else don’t buy it. Except you have a step up voltage device. Most electronic devices coming from UK on Amazon and eBay have to 220v capability,which is our own voltage rating and also the plug input design works well with Nigerian sockets.

Sizes and Weight
Sizes interms of fashion items(cloth,shoes,bags etc). Fashion items in USA and UK are different,in terms of size in many cases. So you will have to read the size chart ,which is usually uploaded with product specifications, during product listing. Also know your own or buyer measurements,when purchasing these items to avoid waste or customer returns.

Prices and Inventory
Most items purchased from USA appear to be cheaper ,than those purchased from UK on Amazon and eBay. But this not a 100% situation ,as we have the reverse in fewer situations. At we also discovered that USA has a larger inventory base due to a larger number of merchants that sell on Amazon and eBay marketplaces in USA. The inventory is more than that of UK. Infact in some cases,they let USA stocked items to show on the UK website,they know how to manage that inventory movement.

Products that are sold in USA in some cases have a different design when compared to the ones sold in UK. This is done to accommodate local design culture and context of usage.

Shipping within USA and UK
Shipping within USA take a slightly longer time than UK,when shipping on amazon.while it’s longer from eBay UK than eBay USA. This is understandable as the USA is larger in size than the UK. And the shipping volume is higher. Both Amazon and eBay are USA based brands as well.

If you are planning to resell items bought on Amazon or eBay in USA or UK,we recommend some specific models at .

2x,3x or 4x pricing model
This means that for 2x, if you bought an item for N6000 and shipped with N4000 to Nigeria,then you can try to sell it for N20,000. But this item must be scarce or very important. So you must search for items that are viable enough to resell

The reason of pricing this way is to ensure profitability. Because if you plan to sell the item offline ,you might still sell it N16,000. But online N20,000 will be better because of various costs associated with selling online.

VAT Related Items
If your items fall under the VATable items(which you can check with the Nigerian Customs Service and FIRS, you will need to ensure your final price carries the 7.5% VAT Charge in most cases. The shipping company can also help get back all VAT you paid on Amazon,so that you can pay it here. Remember that you would have paid VAT for some items on Amazon,this helps to reduce your price a bit

Things that determines your final price

  1. Price of item
  2. Delivery Cost within USA or UK
  3. Delivery cost to Lagos Nigeria
  4. Delivery cost to your location if you are outside Lagos
  5. Your markup
  6. Other costs like warehousing, marketing and packaging materials
  7. VAT and any other form of taxes