MaxLithium 9v Batteries Rechargeable Li-ion 800mAh 1 Pack





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Higher capacity, longer endurance, The 9V Li-ion battery is the ideal choose for
Fire detector
Wireless microphone
Portable medical device
Electrical toy , remote control system
Guitar bass pickup
Portable radio

Important Cautions for Safety !
-Not attempt to use the charger for non-rechargeable batteries
-Not attempt to use the charger to charge Ni-MH batteries as charging current may exceed the upper limit of Ni-MH battery

Safety Measures
Battery features built-in protection for over-charge, over-discharge, short-Circuit,
Charger features Reverse Polarity preventing mechanism

Capacity: 800mAh @50mA discharge 25℃
Volt: 8.4v
Allowed max Discharge Amp-1.0A
Battery Type: Li-ion, >300 cycle life
Working Temperature: -20℃-60℃ (-4℉-140℉)
Charging /Storage Temperature: 0℃-45℃( 32℉- 113℉)
Battery Wt: 30 g
Charger Wt:32 g
Battery Size 48x25x16mm
Charger Size 70x43x23mm

The 9V Li-ion self-discharge < 1% /month, very low energy loss
Easy maintenance, as Li-ion battery no memory effect

■More Powerful 9v Battery
The 9V Li-ion with high capacity of 800mAh
It’s 2-3 times of normal alkaline 9V battery, 3-4 times of normal Ni-MH 9v battery

■ 300+ Times Cycle life
The 9V battery can be recharged 300+ times

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MaxLithium 9v Batteries Rechargeable Li-ion 800mAh 1 Pack now in Nigeria

  • 【Higher Capacity】– The 9V rechargeable Li-ion battery with real capacity of 800mAh,
  • 【Battery Features】 –Li-ion battery is safe, non-toxic, Without memory effect, Low self-discharge. Cycle life 300+ times. Battery features built-in protection circuit to prevent external short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge
  • 【Easy USB Charger】 –The recommend charger powered by 5V-1A ~ 5v-2.4A USB input, easy to connect with cell phone charger adapter, power bank USB port, car charger adapter.
  • 【Small size, Fast, Charger】 –max 10w output, only need 2.5hrs to fully charge 3 batteries one time. The charger with low heating loss;
  • 【Package】 –4* 9V Batteries; 1* User Manual


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