Sony CR2032 3V Lithium Battery -2 Pack


  • Whatsapp or Call 08187000848 to Order

    Nominal Voltage 3V

  • Nominal Capacity ( 2.0V cutoff) 220mAh
  • Standard Discharge Current 0.2mA


Sony CR2032 3V Lithium Battery -2 Pack now available in Nigeria. Whatsapp or Call 08187000848 to Order

Sony CR2032 3V Lithium Battery-2 Pack Best By 2025 Packaged By Sony When looking for a large quantity of CR2032 lithium batteries at a low cost, these Sony CR2032 lithium batteries are a remarkable value, considering their quality. The lithium, button-cell batteries are ideal for watches, small electronics and medical devices. Although the batteries are designed small, the Sony button-cell battery’s lithium technology features 3v and a 220 mAh nominal capacity, which makes them longer lasting than comparable silver-oxide batteries.rightsilicon also sell google chromecast amazonbasics roku apple fitbit hr alta surge flex One anker dymo labeler usb c type c 4k uhd hdmi iphone obd2 obdII Samsung galaxy case 7 8 usb led bulb fidget spinner cube marble mesh flippy chain magic cube toy action sports camera, usb led rechargeable bulb aa aaa aaaa 9v c d 18650 cr2032 cr1616 cr2016 cr2025 battery, solar panel battries, thermostat connected home,programmable robots,usb wall sockets and extensions pest bug zapper zapplight bulb Bellabeat Leaf Omron fliers courier shipping bags packaging materials magnetic dash board mount brands Battery Size: Button / Coin Cell Battery Capacity: 220mAh Battery Chemistry: Lithium Primary Battery Voltage: 3.0V Battery Terminal Type: Flat Top Battery Shelf Life: 10 Years


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